Its an exciting time in Cumberland. Home to the 2021 World Series Champions, Atlanta Braves, many fortune 500 companies, 840 acres of national parkland, the Chattahoochee River, and so much more, Cumberland has much to celebrate.  

When commercial property owners decided to create the state’s first CID in the 1980s, they never dreamed of what Cumberland has become. 

The story of Cumberland’s success is still being written, but the return on the investments made by the Cumberland CID is paying vast dividends today. 

Explore Cumberland’s economic success below. 

Cumberland CID

Cumberland Is EXCITING

The Cumberland CID recently conducted an economic impact analysis for the Cumberland District. The analysis provided insight into economy impact, residential demographics, workforce, and real estate. The big trends from the analysis shows that Cumberland is growing and now positions itself as a regional destination for retail, entertainment, and dining. The District is a fast-growing residential area with a diverse base of households. Today, the Cumberland District has a $23.6 billion annual economic impact on Georgia’s economy and a $18 billion annual economic impact on Cobb County’s economy. 

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Annual Economic Impact
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Annual Economic Impact
on Cobb County's economy

An Evolving Demographic

Cumberland has evolved in many ways over the past decade. The Atlanta Braves’ mixed-use development, The Battery Atlanta, ushered in a new wave of growth and culture. With this new culture brought new residents. Today, over 30,000 residents call Cumberland home, 40 percent are millennials. 39 percent of residents are black, 40 percent are white, and 13 percent are Asian. Cumberland represents one of Cobb County’s most diverse communities. 

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"We are in a new wave of development for Cumberland, and I’m proud of the strategic investments and partnerships the CID has made to help make Cumberland a place where people want to live, work, and play.” - John Shern



As Atlanta’s 5th largest job center, companies and businesses have found resounding success in Cumberland. From 2019 to 2021, jobs have grown by almost 10,000. This success can be contributed to the superior transportation access and connectivity that Cumberland offers businesses. Another reason is the rich talent pool companies have to tap into. 

Overall, businesses within the Cumberland CID were responsible for $10.9 billion in total sales $7.3 billion in total earnings in 2021.

84,000 estimated jobs in Cumberland

3,300 estimated businesses in Cumberland

Retail is top job sector with 17,000 jobs. 

81,400 people commute into Cumberland for their jobs. 18,000 Cumberland residents commute outside of Cumberland for their job. 


Total Revenue

The Cumberland District generates over $516 million annually in tax revenue. The source of this revenue is derived from taxes on property, retail, liquor and tobacco, hotel and motel, business license fees, and income. The chart below illustrates how much each entity receives from Cumberland’s tax revenue.

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The Cumberland District annually returns $2.55 in revenue to Cobb County for every $1.00 in service costs. This means Cobb County needs less dollars to service the District than it receives. Below is a breakdown of the net benefit the Cumberland District provides Cobb County.

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