Windy Hill Corridor

Innovating one of Cumberland’s busiest highways

Windy Hill Road serves as a major artery in Cumberland, connecting West Cobb to the heart of Cobb’s employment center. In the late 1980/90s, Windy Hill Road became a bustling corridor with safety and traffic concerns arising.  

Due to those concerns, the Cumberland CID and Cobb County came up with an innovative solution. A $48 million project that featured a diverging diamond interchange (DDI), one of the first in Georgia and key road widenings east and west of the Windy Hill Bridge. 

Improving Traffic Efficiency

The improvements along with the road widenings allowed the corridor to handle additional capacity and installed new medians for safer travel. 

The DDI allowed the Windy Hill Bridge to be reconfigured which eliminated the left hand turns at traffic signals. This has improved traffic flow without the addition of extra lanes. 

The view above is Windy Hill Road looking west. This project included additional lanes to handle heavy traffic. 

Connecting West Cobb to Cumberland

Windy Hill Road/Bridge looking east. This portion of the improvements included a road widening to handle additional capacity and new medians for safer travel.

The Diverging Diamond Interchange. 



The Windy Hill Corridor improvements have been part of the Cumberland CID’s work program since its inception in 1988. It was the last remaining original project to go under construction.


Construction began on Windy Hill Road improvements east and west of the Windy Hill Bridge.


Construction begins on the DDI.


Construction complete for Windy Hill Corridor Improvements.

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