Historical Projects & Initiatives

Since 1988, the Cumberland CID has leveraged $160 million into more than $2.5 billion worth of projects. These projects types include community planning, interstate access, local roads, streetscapes and beautification, bicycle and walking trails, and commuter programs and services. This ongoing reinvestment strengthens Cumberland’s infrastructure and increases market value, creating an attractive environment for businesses, workers, residents, and visitors alike.

“The strength of the Cumberland CID is the true partnership between business leaders and elected officials. Together they have envisioned and subsequently created a stronger community — one that is prepared for both near and long-term success.” - Tim Lee, former Cobb Commission Chairman

Loop Road

The largest project in Cumberland CID’s history, totaling $300 million. The loop road connects all four quadrants of the District without getting on U.S. 41, I-75 or I-285; and includes the Kennedy Interchange, Cumberland Boulevard, Windy Ridge Parkway and Mill Green Parkway. The plans for the project were completed in 1990. The Cumberland CID completed the entire loop 12 years later.

Major Road Widenings

The Cumberland CID has been a major leader in area road widenings, partnering with GDOT and Cobb County. 

• Powers Ferry Road ($11 million)
• Cobb Parkway ($2.1 million)
• Paces Ferry Road/I-285 Interchange ($19.3 million)
• Paces Ferry Road Widening ($1.2 million)
• Spring Road ($9.3 million)

Commuter Club

In the mid 1990s, the CID launched the state’s first Transportation Management Association, the Cumberland Transportation Network (known as Commuter Club), to provide businesses and employees with carpool, vanpool, transit, telework and other alternatives to commuting.

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