Cumberland CID Project Updates

Cumberland CID Project Updates

The Akers Mill Ramp

The Akers Mill Ramp is slated to begin construction later this year. With the funding for the $44.2 million project complete, the ramp will finish the I-75 NW Express Lanes, one of the most successful infrastructure projects in Georgia’s history. The ramp is scheduled to be open to the public in 2023 providing direct, safe access for more than 100,000 daily commuters.

Pictured above: Akers Mill Ramp

Cumberland Multi-Modal Path

A path connecting the community to Cumberland’s rich assets is underway.  The Cumberland Multi-Modal Path, a 3-mile path that will be Cobb’s version of the Atlanta Beltline. The $25 million path will connect to unrivaled cultural, retail, natural, hospitality, and performance venues in ways that exponentially increase the human experience and financial value of the district. The goal is to improve connectivity throughout the core of the district offering pedestrians and cyclists enhanced mobility options with the ultimate goal of adding an autonomous shuttle making travel even easier around the district. The path also will help build additional character in Cumberland increasing enjoyment for those that work, live and visit.

Pictured above: Renderings of the Cumberland Multi-modal Path

Paces Mill/Palisades Rehabilitation

A project that started in 2017 and gained momentum in 2020 is the Paces Mill/Palisades Rehabilitation. In July 2020, the Cumberland CID reached a key milestone in plans to help rehabilitate the Paces Mill/Palisades Unit of the Chattahoochee River National Recreation Area (CRNRA) by receiving project approval from the National Park Service. Built in the 1970s, the park unit is a popular destination for people participating in recreational boating, fishing, picnicking, jogging, biking and walking activities.

The total $14 million renovation will feature the following at the Paces Mill/Palisades Unit:

  • A more national park-like visitor experience that realigns the entrance road and repositions the central open meadow and the main parking area.
  • Improved vehicular circulation at both boat ramps allowing cars and trucks with boat trailers to circulate more easily.
  • Increased river access with new river-viewing platforms and a wide set of river steps.
  • An enhanced and expanded picnic area.
  • Upgrades to the existing trail system to minimize conflicts with vehicular traffic inside the park.
  • A series of bioswales to filter stormwater runoff before it enters the river.
  • A new, expanded visitor contact station.

The Paces Mill/Palisades Rehabilitation is scheduled for construction in 2023.

Paces Mill/Palisades Rehabilitation Continued:

The Visitor Contact Station will sit in the center of the Park and is proposed as a cluster of three structures:

  • An open-air pavilion that functions as a central gathering space with information and interpretative signage about the NRA and the connecting Cumberland CID trails.
  • The other two buildings will provide individual restroom and changing room facilities.

The architecture is contemporary with a National Park Service style and feel. Made of durable materials, it will be long lasting and easily maintained.

Pictured above: Rendering for the Visitor Contact Station

River Overlooks / River Steps

Pictured above: Examples for Paces Mill/Palisades Rehabilitation.

Bob Callan Trail

The Cumberland CID continues to invest in the Cumberland Trail Network. Altogether, Cumberland’s Trail Network is part of a 60-mile network of completed or planned trails. In 2019, the Cumberland CID opened a 1-mile extension of the Bob Callan Trail. Today, the Cumberland CID and Cobb County are working to extend the Bob Callan Trail again. From its northernmost access point at Interstate North Parkway to Windy Hill Road with a new trailhead proposed at Windy Hill Road (see renderings). Cobb County’s Windy Hill/Terrell Mill Connector at Bentley Road project to the north will connect seamlessly into the Bob Callan Trail once both are complete.  Construction for the extension of the Bob Callan Trail and Trailhead are scheduled for late 2022 with an estimated investment of $3.2 million.

Pictured above: Renderings for the new Bob Callan Trailhead

Cumberland Trails

The Cumberland CID launched a new website ( dedicated to the Cumberland Trail Network. The purpose of the website is to provide the public with information on where and how to access Cumberland’s trails. Created with the user experience in mind, the site includes many features to help users quickly and easily find information about Cumberland’s trails.

The following features are included for each trail:

  • A custom Google map for navigation
  • A downloadable map to print for navigation
  • Mileage information
  • Parking information for each trail

The Cumberland Trails Network contains over 38 miles of trails and connects visitors and residents to Cumberland’s vibrant core area, including The Battery Atlanta, Truist Park, Cobb Galleria Centre, Cobb Energy Performing Arts Centre and more.

Cumberland Bike Share

The Cumberland and Town Center CIDs were excited to announce new bike share programs in partnership with Tandem Mobility last year. The CIDs’ previous bike share provider shuttered operations in May. Before May, the Cumberland Bike Share had nearly 2,700 users enjoying 6,000 trips in Cumberland alone.

The new program offers technology that improves the user experience for renters. Bike share members can rent and return a bike from either program’s stations. The previous system allowed riders to rent and return bikes to only one program’s stations. Now, riders can use the programs interchangeably, with access to 80 bikes at 12 stations. Users of the new program ride for free for the first hour. After that, it is $3 per hour with a $24 per day maximum.

As spring and summer approach, the Cumberland CID expects more users to take advantage of this community investment as the Cumberland Bike Share helps make Cumberland more attractive, more accessible, and more connected.

The Cumberland and Town Center CIDs look forward to releasing more announcements in the future regarding Cobb’s bike share programs. To find out more about station locations, visit Cumberland ( and Town Center’s bike share page ( To rent a bike, download the Movatic app on your smartphone and follow the registration guide.





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