Cobb Parkway Pedestrian Bridge

Connecting two communities that have been separated by a major state route

The Atlanta Braves’ announcement of their move to Cumberland in 2013 served as the catalyst for the Cumberland CID’s most recent growth. Today, nearly 30,000 residents call Cumberland home, a 27% increase over the past decade. Not only has the number of residents surged but the number of entertainment options has also risen such as The Battery Atlanta, Coca-Cola Roxy, and Trust Park just to name a few. 

The draw of these entertainment options and access to critical jobs have showcase the need for a vital, safe pedestrian bridge between The Battery Atlanta and the City of Smyrna over Cobb Parkway/US-41. Since Cobb Parkway/US-41 was constructed, the City of Smyrna and Cumberland have been separated. The separation has made it difficult for people accessing jobs in Cumberland. 

Addressing Safety, Equity, Access, and Connectivity

The Cobb Parkway Pedestrian Bridge will help address safety, equity, access, and connectivity issues between the City of Smyrna and the Cumberland area. The Cobb Parkway Pedestrian Bridge will help remove current physical and automobile-dependent barriers that inhibit individuals from economic opportunities on both sides of Cobb Parkway.

The construction of Cobb Parkway Pedestrian Bridge will provide a safe, free, healthy, and much-needed alternative transportation option creating a connection to jobs, entertainment venues, and valuable assets in the Cumberland area. 

Benefits of the Bridge

Breaking the barrier of automobile dependence will be a major benefit to 7,000 hospitality and food and service industry workers who are employed in The Battery Atlanta area and may have limited financial means to own and maintain a vehicle to commute to and from work. The Cobb Parkway Pedestrian Bridge will provide a solution to safely access employment opportunities and allow access for visitors coming in and adjacent to The Battery Atlanta and Truist Park.


The Bridge will be a safe, elevated pedestrian bridge and will help reduce pedestrian accidents along Cobb Parkway/U.S. 41.


Over 7,000 service workers commute into the Cumberland District everyday. The Bridge will be vital to supporting the local workforce.


The Battery Atlanta is a 24/7 entertainment destination. Building the Bridge is critical to support the many visitors that visit the Battery Atlanta year round.

Cumberland Sweep

The Bridge is a part of the Cumberland Sweep project. A three-mile multimodal path that will connect the core of Cumberland.

Project Location

The Cobb Parkway Pedestrian Bridge is a partnership between the Cumberland CID, City of Smyrna, Cobb County, and the Atlanta Braves. The Cobb Parkway Pedestrian Bridge will have a great economic impact on Georgia. Providing this critical infrastructure will link communities together and allow residents, workers, and visitors to access the community safely and efficiently. 

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