Bob Callan Trail

The hidden gem of Cumberland 

Cumberland is Cobb County’s largest commercial district, but it serves as a hub for urban trails. There are nearly 38 miles of trails for residents and visitors to explore connecting with Cumberland’s rich natural assets. This multifaceted trail network has many spokes that wind through Cumberland’s vibrant core area, joining eateries, shops, Truist Park, 840 acres of national parkland and more—with some trails connecting to the Silver Comet Trail and eventually to the Atlanta BeltLine.

The Bob Callan Trail is part of the trail network in Cumberland, and serves as a pristine connection for the community to the Chattahoochee River National Recreational Area (CRNRA).

Providing Greater Access and Connectivity

In additional to providing connection to the Chattahoochee River, the Bob Callan Trail provides a valuable transportation resource for the community. The trail gives users a safe and alternative means of accessing Cumberland’s job center with 3,300 business and 84,000 jobs. 

The trail also serves as a recreational asset for trail enthusiasts. The three mile paved trail provides the ideal surface for walking, biking, running, and enjoying nature. 

Benefits of the
Bob Callan Trail


The Bob Callan Trail provides a critical connection point to Cumberland's business district and job center.


The trail provides direct access to the Chattahoochee River and 840 acres of CRNRA for thousands of residents in the Cumberland Area.


Once fully built, the Bob Callan Trail will be four miles (currently three miles) in total providing a values resource for exercise and recreation.


The Bob Callan Trail is an alternative, green, resource to car-based transportation.

Bob Callan Trail Ribbon Cutting (third mile)

The Cumberland CID, along with its many partners, held a ribbon cutting for the third mile of the Bob Callan Trail in July of 2019. The ribbon cutting was held at the trailhead of Interstate North Parkway. This portion of the trail was nearly $9.1 million. 

View highlights of the ribbon cutting by clicking play on the video. 

Bob Callan Trail Extension (under construction)

Currently, the Cumberland CID and Cobb County are working to extend the Bob Callan Trail again. From its northmost access point at 180 Interstate North Parkway to Windy Hill Road with a new trailhead proposed at Windy Hill Road. Cobb County’s recently opened Windy Hill/Terrell Mill Connector to the north will connect seamlessly into the Bob Callan Trail once both are complete.

The fourth and final mile of the Bob Callan Trail will include a trailhead that will feature exterior amenities that include a workout area, granite chairs, bike share, gateway signage, and more. 

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The concept of the Bob Callan Trail first envisioned.


Construction was completed from the Paces Mill/Palisades Unit to Interstate North Parkway.


Concept development began for Bob Callan Trail extension (third mile) from Interstate North Parkway to 180 Interstate North Parkway.


July 2019, Construction complete for the third mile of the Bob Callan Trail.


Construction began on the Bob Callan Trailhead and Extension


Construction is expected to be complete.

Project Location

A partnership of Cumberland CID, Atlanta Regional Commission, Cobb Department of Transportation (DOT), and the Georgia DOT, the Bob Callan Trail runs north along Rottenwood Creek. The project design incorporates safety, sustainability, and accessibility that minimizes impacts to the natural environment while enhancing connectivity and accessibility for cyclists and pedestrians.

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